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Bolivian Attorney General ready to negotiate over historic nationalisation of Fábrica Nacional de Cementos stake

Bolivia: The Bolivian Attorney General’s Office says that is open to meeting representatives of Sociedad Boliviana de Cemento (SOBOCE) in order to negotiate a ‘better arrangement’ following Bolivia’s nationalisation of a stake in SOBOCE subsidiary Fábrica Nacional de Cementos (FANCESA) by supreme decree in 2010. SOBOCE owes FANCESA US$108m in damages for unfair competition since that time.

SOBOCE said “SOBOCE, together with its shareholders of Grupo Gloria del Peru, will continue to resort to judicial and/or arbitration channels (national or international) for the recognition of their rights. We believe in justice and in the legitimate right that we have, since the Bolivian Constitution guarantees the payment of compensation in case of expropriation.”


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