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Bruks Siwertell delivers three new road-mobile ship unloaders to cement customers in North America

North America: Sweden-based Bruks Siwertell successfully delivered three new road-mobile ship unloaders to two cement industry customers in North America, including one in Mexico, in November 2023. Both customers selected the supplier’s 10 000 S Siwertell unloaders. One of the cement producers now has four such units in operation, and the other now has one.

Bruks Siwertell project development engineer Pedro Alfaro said “The US is seeing a huge rise in demand for cement, and our technology is helping operators meet these volume increases in the most sustainable way possible.” He continued “Road-mobile units ensure minimal dust emissions and enclosed and spillage-free conveying, and offer excellent through-ship capacity and the flexibility of being able to move between sites. We are also one of the few companies able to supply a ship unloading solution that can discharge cement from vessels directly to trucks.”


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