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Caribbean Cement invests in sustainability at Rockfort plant

Jamaica: Caribbean Cement is allocating US$8m, 20% of its planned US$40m investment in 2024, to increase sustainability efforts at its Rockfort plant. The company is aiming to become net-zero by increasing its use of alternative fuels and repurposing materials like tyres, which will also help to save on operational expenses and fuel costs, according to the company.

The repurposing of tyres, which commenced following a Government of Jamaica partnership, will remove a ‘significant’ portion of the estimated 1.5m tyres at the country’s Riverton dump, along with other materials such as pallets, which Caribbean Cement now uses as alternative fuel sources in the cement manufacturing process. With the help of its XRC3000c shredder obtained from Austria-based company UNTHA, Caribbean Cement said it has shredded more than 9000 tyres to date.

Managing director Jorge Martínez said “At the moment our first goal for the end of 2024 is to at least reach 10% alternative fuels. We will remove some of those fuels that are not renewable, substituting it with ones that are. This is part of our future in action programme. Some of these actions are also related to the reuse of some materials in the plant as we take waste materials from other industries and beach clean-ups for repurposing. We try to reuse them in any way we can.”


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