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Cement firms shift to lighter bags for worker health

Mexico: Members of the National Cement Chamber (Canacem) are set to reduce cement bag weights from 50kg to 25kg to comply with NOM-036, according to El Financiero, which aims to prevent and control musculoskeletal and ergonomic diseases in construction workers. The shift affects companies such as Cemex, Cementos Moctezuma, GCC, Cemento Cruz Azul, Cementos Fortaleza and Holcim.

The standard came into effect on 31 March 2024, but Cementos Moctezuma has already started transitioning to 25kg bags. José Barroso, CEO of Cementos Moctezuma, said “Since 2023, Cementos Moctezuma began the transition from 50kg to 25kg bags in all of its packaged product family.” He added “In Mexico, musculoskeletal disorders represent almost half of the occupational injuries, so we are already implementing changes in our plants to operate according to the new standard.”


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