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Heidelberg Materials launches evoZero carbon captured net zero cement

Europe: Germany-based Heidelberg Materials has announced the launch of evoZero carbon captured net zero cement. The company produces evoZero cement at its Brevik cement plant in Norway. It says that this is the first cement to achieve net zero CO2 emissions through the use of carbon capture and storage (CCUS), without relying on other methods of compensation in its carbon accounting.

Heidelberg Materials chair Dominik von Achten said “The launch of our unique evoZero products is a paradigm shift in the decarbonisation of our sector. Carbon capture and storage is a breakthrough technology for the building materials industry and we are frontrunners in deploying it at scale. With evoZero, we are offering the industry’s most innovative, globally unique product for our customers, enabling them to drive cutting-edge, environmentally friendly construction projects. I am very proud of the dedication and passion of everyone involved in our pioneering project in Brevik.”


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