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Producers warn against speed of transition to concrete roads in Nigeria

Nigeria: The Cement Producers Association of Nigeria (CPAN) has warned that the federal government’s plan to introduce concrete roads will nearly double the price of cement. It also called on the administration to ‘permanently address’ perennially high cement prices in the country by encouraging greater participation in the sector.

CPAN, in a statement jointly signed by its National Chair, Prince David Iweta and National Secretary Chief Reagan Ufomba, commended the government’s stance on converting the country to concrete-based roads, but suggested greater emphasis on road designs that allow both concrete and asphalt pavement to run concurrently and provide ample time for a smooth transition that allows contractors and producers time to adjust.

The statement read “While we commend the Honourable Minister’s position on concrete-made roads, we warn of the dire consequences if the supply end is not properly addressed. In fact, it would amount to dereliction of duty not to intervene. And the time is now. To do otherwise is to continue in a worsening pipe dream that prices would suddenly drop for this essential input that will continue to drain the purse of Nigerians, render them homeless, encourage chaos between demand and supply, and worsen the infrastructure deficit it sets out to cure, and lead to an unprecedented price hike.”


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