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Secretary-General's video message to the Global Cement and … – United Nations

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Dear friends,
Concrete and cement are not just fundamental to constructing roads, bridges and buildings.  
You are fundamental to building a better world.
And we have no time to lose.
World leaders committed to limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees centigrade.
Science tells us that requires cutting global greenhouse emissions by almost half by 2030.
That means taking a quantum leap in climate action – and slashing global emissions.  Starting now.
I have put forward an Acceleration Agenda to supercharge climate action in every country and every sector.
The concrete and cement industries account for seven percent of global emissions.  You are critical.
You were one of the first global industries to set a pathway to net zero by 2050.
Now, I urge you to take three immediate steps:
First, commit to end the use of coal-fired power in cement production. 
The science is clear:   coal must be phased out by 2030 in OECD countries and 2040 elsewhere to have a fighting chance of keeping the 1.5 degree limit alive.
Coal-free concrete is the name of the game.
Second, work with governments – particularly G20 countries – to develop the policy, regulation and investment to speed-up decarbonization of your sector.
Third, set ambitious emissions reduction targets and transition plans to take you to net zero.
And make them in line with the new UN-backed Credibility Standard, which provides guidance on creating credible, accountable net-zero pledges.
The transparency and rigor inherent in that Standard is critical.
To put it simply:  we need concrete pledges from the concrete industry.
These will provide clarity and predictability to your shareholders, supply chains and customers.
Shady offsets or betting it all on undiscovered technologies won’t get us there.  Real, deep emissions cuts are what matter.
I look forward to welcoming government and business leaders committing to serious action to the Climate Ambition Summit in New York this September.
And I hope to see you there – demonstrating the commitment of concrete and cement industries to building a cleaner, safer, sustainable future for people and planet.
Thank you.


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