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Tarmac digitises its rail logistics with Everysens

UK: CRH subsidiary Tarmac has successfully deployed France-based software developer Everysens’ Transport Visibility & Management System (TVMS) in its total operations processing system (TOPS) for rail transport. The TVMS digitally tracks trains, enabling the customer to measure performance, analyse patterns and ensure smooth anticipation and collaboration between stakeholders. Tarmac expects the upgrade to streamline its delivery monitoring and also allow for proactive decision-making.

Tarmac head of rail Chris Swan said “Everysens’ integration with TOPS has significantly supported Tarmac to digitise its rail freight operations. Tracking our freight trains has become a lot easier and more precise through digital solutions. With real-time ETA data, we can optimise routes, manage resources, and provide an even higher level of service to our customers. This integration underscores our commitment to staying ahead in technology and embracing digitisation for more efficient and streamlined operations.”


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