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UK cement industry endorses CBAM proposal

UK: The UK cement industry has welcomed the government’s proposal for a UK carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) but urged for its implementation by 2026 to align with the EU CBAM and avoid competitive disadvantages. The Mineral Products Association (MPA) and UK Concrete responded to the government’s consultation, highlighting the need to level the carbon-cost playing field between domestic production and imports, as well as to prevent high-emission cement imports from impacting the UK market. It emphasised the urgency of introducing CBAM in 2026 rather than the proposed 2027, to prevent import diversion from the EU.

The MPA is calling for accurate measurement and reporting of embodied emissions by importers, clear calculation of CBAM rates, improved transparency in UK trade data and strict enforcement procedures with high penalties for non-compliance.

MPA executive director for energy and climate change Diana Casey said “The UK has a great opportunity to accelerate the transition to net zero while securing domestic cement supply for priority construction like housing and infrastructure. A well-designed CBAM is vital to maintain the level playing field and ensuring competitiveness of domestic cement production while it continues its transition to net zero.’


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