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WEBINAR – Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage – minimizing … – World Cement

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WEBINAR - Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage – minimizing the costs for the cement industry
14 September 2023 – 14 September 2023
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To meet pledges of reaching Net Zero and sustainability targets, operating plants will need to eliminate the release of carbon dioxide gas from their operations. The way towards Net Zero in the cement industry, comes with many challenges, in different fields like technology, process and infrastructure.
The cement manufacturing industry is responsible for around 8% of global CO2 emissions. To put this in context, this is a larger percentage than that emitted by any country in the World other than the United States and China.
In some countries, CO2 produced in the manufacture of cement falls under the Emissions Trading Scheme and cement manufacturers have to pay for their emissions. All that does is increase the cost of the cement whilst doing nothing to protect the environment.
Removal of CO2 from industrial processes, such as cement manufacture, so that it can be permanently stored will be needed to achieve Net Zero by 2050. Carbon Capture is one of the more mature means of collecting the CO2, and storage in subterranean locations such as depleted oil and gas fields has been undertaken for almost 30 years.
ABB and Captimise have agreed to collaborate to provide the full range of carbon capture services to clients in the cement manufacturing industry to help them find the most suitable and cost-efficient technologies for the full chain from capture, liquefaction, buffer storage, transport to permanent storage or utilisation.
ABB has many years of experience to complete the value added chain for the cement sector, from the quarry to the market, by providing automation, electrification and digitalisation solutions which help customers optimise their power and productivity resulting in increased availability and lower lifetime investment costs.
Captimise is an adviser on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) whose team have between them many years of experience with all elements of CCS projects and demonstrations across a range of industrial sectors and using all of the established capture approaches available.
This webinar will describe ABB’s solutions and some of the learnings from the Captimise Team’s experience of working on projects and demonstrations to help enable the development of a carbon capture project at the lowest cost.
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Global Business Unit Manager for Cement at ABB
Chief Executive Officer at Captimise
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