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103 US manufacturing plants earn Energy Star certification in 2023

US: On March 14, 2024, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) acknowledged 103 manufacturing plants for achieving Energy Star certification in 2023, a prestigious recognition for being in the top 25% of energy efficiency in their respective sectors. These plants collectively prevented over 8Mt of CO2 emissions. Out of the 103, 11 were cement plants.

EPA Administrator Michael S Regan said “These Energy Star certified plants demonstrate that cutting the embodied carbon of our industrial products through energy efficiency doesn’t just make environmental sense, it makes economic sense.”

The industrial sector, responsible for 30% of US greenhouse gas emissions, mainly due to energy consumption in manufacturing, has seen significant improvements in these Energy Star certified plants. These facilities assess their energy performance using EPA’s energy performance indicators or the Solomon Associates Energy Intensity Index for petroleum refineries. Plants scoring at least 75 out of 100, thereby exceeding the energy efficiency of 75% of similar facilities nationwide, are eligible for this certification. Available across 21 manufacturing sectors, including cement, steel, glass, and commercial bakeries, Energy Star certification has been awarded to over 270 plants since 2006, reflecting the growing trend of energy-efficient practices in the manufacturing industry.


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