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Bolivian Attorney General ready to negotiate over historic nationalisation of Fábrica Nacional de Cementos stake

Bolivia: The Bolivian Attorney General’s Office says that is open to meeting representatives of Sociedad Boliviana de Cemento (SOBOCE) in order to negotiate a ‘better arrangement’ following Bolivia’s nationalisation of a stake in SOBOCE subsidiary Fábrica Nacional de Cementos (FANCESA) by supreme decree in 2010. SOBOCE owes FANCESA US$108m in damages for unfair competition since […]

Heidelberg Materials North America inaugurates expanded Port … – Global Cement

US: Heidelberg Materials North America has inaugurated the Port Canaveral slag cement plant and terminal in Florida, following an expansion. MENAFN News has reported that the producer invested US$24m in the installation of a new roller press at the facility.Heidelberg Materials North America said “Heidelberg Materials’ investment in the Port Canaveral slag cement facility is […]

Germany and Chile to launch club to help countries reduce emissions from cement production

Chile/Germany: The governments of Chile and Germany are reportedly preparing to launch a so-called ‘climate club’ to help developing nations invest in technologies to decarbonise sectors such as cement and steel production. The partners will set up a platform to connect countries with funding and technical support from governments and the private sector, according to […]

Bangladesh Cement Manufacturers Association lobbies for lower … – Global Cement

Bangladesh: The Bangladesh Cement Manufacturers Association (BCMA) has called for a 60% cut to duties on clinker imports, to US$1.84/t from US$4.61/t. The Financial Express newspaper has reported that BCMA members are struggling with high shipping costs and supply issues due to Russia’s war in Ukraine.The Bangladesh government published plans to raise the duty on […]

Crown Prince of Denmark to inaugurate ConsenCUS CO2 capture pilot at Aalborg Portland Cement

Denmark: Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark will today inaugurate the ConsenCUS CO2 capture pilot unit at Aalborg Portland Cement’s Rørdal plant. Kadri Simson, the European Union (EU) Energy Commissioner, and Lars Aagaard, the Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Supply Minister, will also attend the event. A European Commission-run carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) […]

Global Cement and Concrete Association announces Innovandi … – Global Cement

World: The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) has named the 15 anticipated deliverers of low-CO2 cement and concrete production shortlisted for participation in its second Innovandi Open Challenge. The association chose the start-ups based on their potential to deliver CO2 emissions reduction in the global cement and concrete sector in line with its Concrete […]