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Argos USA and Holcim US secure Department of Energy funding for carbon capture

US: The Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded US$45.6m-worth of federal funding to carbon capture projects across US industries. Among the nine projects that received grants are Argos USA’s engineering-scale carbon capture project at its Harleyville, South Carolina, cement plant and Holcim US’ engineering-scale carbon capture project at its Holly Hill, South Carolina, cement plant. The National Energy Technology Laboratory has reported that projects will focus on technologies for CO2 capture and multi-modal transport via hubs.

DOE Fossil Energy and Carbon Management Assistant Secretary Brad Crabtree said “DOE is mobilising historic levels of private sector investment in the US to capture, transport and safely and permanently store hundreds of millions of tonnes of CO2 per year from our industrial and power sectors. These demonstration and pilot projects bring us one step closer to effective and responsible deployment of the carbon management infrastructure necessary to achieve our climate goals, while also providing good paying and jobs and health benefits to communities in every corner of the nation.”


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