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Norwegian government confirms funding for Heidelberg Materials Sement Norge’s Brevik carbon capture project

Norway: The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has signed a new agreement with Heidelberg Materials Sement Norge, confirming funding of up to US$14.1m for the producer’s construction of a full-scale carbon capture system at its Brevik cement plant. Under the agreement, Heidelberg Materials Sement Norge will absorb extra costs that have arisen, and retain a larger share of any return on the project. Costs rose due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and international supply chain pressures.

Nordic Daily News has reported that Heidelberg Materials Northern Europe director Giv Brantenberg said “We are in the process of completing the world’s first full-scale plant for carbon capture in the cement industry, and have had great support from the Norwegian authorities throughout the project’s many phases. Today’s agreement reflects the good cooperation with the Norwegian government, and we look forward to completing this unique facility.”


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