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SCG launches low-carbon cement in Thailand

Thailand: Siam Cement Group (SCG) has introduced a new low-carbon cement, contributing to Thailand’s net-zero ambitions. According to the company, SCG is Thailand’s first cement manufacturer to produce this eco-friendly cement, reducing CO₂ emissions to as low as 0.05t during production. The new cement reportedly matches or is stronger than traditional Portland cement. SCG achieved this by improving its manufacturing processes, using clean energy sources and waste heat utilisation, leading to a 38% decrease in energy consumption. The company also modified raw material ratios in order to further reduce emissions.

SCG’s president of the cement and green solutions department, Surachai Nimlaor, said “Since cement production consumes a considerable amount of energy and emits CO₂ during the process, we decided to find out how we could reduce this impact.” He continued “With the initial low-carbon cement formula, we have reduced emissions by 15 to 20%. Moving forward, our goal is to develop new formulas that can reduce carbon emissions by up to 50%.”


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